I'm Moving!

Alright, hopefully this isn't too premature, but I'm moving.
I placed a deposit on the room today.
Get to move in 2 weeks (beginning of April).

-Room with a view - the skyline of Utrecht, in the distance the main cathedral (dom), and a bit closer in the foreground is apparently a prison (but on the other side of a canal), quaint.

-My room (to be) - with shared balcony access on the side (through the door)


The week in review

Last weekend, round the end of Sunday, wanting to still do something, I decided to bike to Tilburg. Just because. It was a nice route, I left around 16:30ish, so, notice the lack of lighting/very remoteness of part of the route I took. Given it took about and hour to get to Tilburg, then I biked around a bit, by the time I was biking back, it was dark. It went well until one part along the path where there were no lights anymore, and it was essentially biking through a pitch black forest, in an unfamiliar area, on my own, on bike.
I slammed on the brakes, did a bit of an endo, and semi fall, only thing that was damaged besides my pride was the rear brakes which were locked and I couldn't manage to get open.
I called for a ride for the last bit home, thankfully I had a cellphone and dropouts.

-"Kampina" - nature area/park between Boxtel and Tilburg, I never realized there was nature like this left in the Netherlands

-See, if I were really thinking, I would have realized, wow, the sun looks nice in this pic I'm taking while I'm biking, which means when I'm biking back, through this secluded area, it won't be there anymore

-Trapiste Brewerey/Monestary - part of my goal on the trip was to pass by/visit this Trapist brewery, which I discovered is under renovations, and not open to the public till May. Boo.

So, I'm also in the midst of finding my own place to live, as opposed to with family, since I'd like to not have 3 hours commuting time each day. (crappy train connections), thus I'd like to be in one of the large cities at either end of the train line which my work sits on. (either 's-Hertogenbosch or Utrecht). Finding a place is proving to be difficult. Who knew finding a place to live in the most densely populated country in the EU would be difficult.

-Some cool graffiti I saw in Utrecht after looking at a place that was a bit of a dive.

Today, decided to make a trip to den Haag. Took in some culture, traveled around by bike (my preferred method of transportation), and went to the sea. Despite a day starting out with stormy kinda weather, it turned out pretty nice.

-Springtime in den Haag - I think the building in the background was a palace, maybe the royal families, who knows in a country filled with those kinda buildings.

-My favorite painting of the day - I saw some Picasso display at a museum, and also paintings by Lucian Freud (grandson of Sigmund Freud, but apparently this doesn't have an effect on how he paints). Regardless of the paintings that got all the attention, this was my favorite painting I saw today, and I can't quite place my finger on why.

-Sun poking through at the North Sea

-a bit of wind, makes some big waves, but still plenty of people enjoying the weather.

-kite surfers on the beach

-kite surfers in the water - I was jealous

-Beelden aan zee - one of the sculptures from the sculpture museum at the beech, also, probably my favorite

-more sculptures, these more fun, I like the stylized nature of them

-hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

-finger plugging the hole in the dijk - this'd be playing on the joke of the dutch person who's keeping the country from flooding by keeping their finger in the hole in the dijk