Life in Örebro (Swedish Experiences)

Random Swedish happenings and shenanigans while I lived in Örebro that add to the whole Swedish experience.

Örebro Slott - not a super exciting winters day in Örebro, but the castle still is nice.

Walpurgisnacht (Walpugis Night) - Big night in Sweden, and in this shot, a choir singing in front of Örebro Slott, with the bonfire on the water.

Fireworks Walpurgisnacht Finale

Free kanelbullar (cinnamon buns) at Maskin Expo - mmm Swedish

Swedish Countryside - on the way back from Maskin Expo near Arlanda.

As Swedish as it gets - On the Swedish National Holiday (June 6th), I helped my friend and co-worker Nirvana get some new furniture and move into her new place. Björn, another friend and co-worker let us borrow his Volvo 740. Took about 45 minutes to pack the car seen here - it was kinda like Tetris. Nirvana was a bit sceptical it would all fit, but my sunny optimism won her over.

Bland Sallad - Sure it makes sense in Swedish, but when you read it as an English speaker, well, it does seem bland (aptly named?)

Last day of work - my final day of Internship at Atlas Copco, and we (me and some of the summer interns and new employees) got to go down to the test mine to check out some drill rigs in action.

Rocheforte 10 - Ok, so not so Swedish, but this is one of my all-time favourite beers, and to find it only a week or so before leaving Örebro had me asking myself how I hadn't found this pub earlier.

Svenske Midsommar (Swedish Midsummer) - kinda the biggest event of the year in Sweden, time to enjoy the longest day of the year, the endless (if it's a sunny day) sunlight, as well as great Swedish food and drink. This garden party was at Björn's.

Midsommar på Örebro slott - my final days in Örebro before taking my Canadian summer vacation, and moving on to the next place and adventure in August. I think this was as dark as it got that evening.

Örebro C - departing Örebro


Örebro - Umeå Train Trip

Took the train from Örebro all the way up to Umeå, chasing the sun north, for UID Design Talks '13. It was a great trip. This time of year, taking the train through the day is a great way to see Sweden. I arrived in Umeå a little after 23:00, and this was only about a half hour past sunset! So obviously it was also still bright.
Even better then that, starting the day in Örebro it was grey, rainy, and about 16C. By the time I was almost in Umeå, it was bright, sunny, and one of the warmest spots in all of Europe. It was crazy - people were walking around in shorts and tank-tops, as if it were the south of Europe, and were nicely bronzed from having had 4 weeks of sunshine and beautiful weather! (shown fairly nicely here in pictures)
I could only wish for the same next year.

Örebro / Hallsberg - starting point, first leg of 3 on the SJ X40 double decker

Hallsberg Station - a 1 hour wait for the next train

Hallsberg / Stockholm - aboard the SJ 2000 for leg 2 of the journey, and the weather was still grey, rainy, and not especially warm

Stockholm / Umeå - leaving Stockholm aboard the SJ3000 at the start of leg 3 of the journey (the longest part), and the weather still looks crappy, albeit better then when I left Örebro

SJ3000 Luxury - the super new, high speed trains in Sweden with lots of space in a roomy very nice, very Swedish interior (here you might notice the shelves between the seats and the windows that are about ample enough for a handbag)

Gävle C - weather is clearing up, and looking a bit better

Approximately an hour till sunset - weather is starting to look real nice

Höga Kusten (Swedish High Coast) - weather is really nice

This is the point at which I concluded Sweden is actually composed of 90% forests, 8% trees they just cut down, and 2% is everything else

Örnsköldsvik - right about sunset, and just a bit to go until reaching Umeå, with really beautiful weather

Umeå Östra - arrival in Umeå at last, and it seems surreal, with weather this beautiful, and the endless daylight (if you look real close you can see the clock on the platform says it's almost 23:00, and the sun looks to not have set yet)

Designer Breakfast - after a night of helping fellow Umeå APD's on their models before the exhibition, and returning to the hotel very late, Carlos, Natalie and I headed to a patio on the way to school (where free food was to be served anyways)

UID'13 Design Talks