Can con pt 2

Bought some more Canadian music recenlty, (legally)

Basia Bulat - Heart of my own

Live guest on Q on Friday January 15th 2010. The new album is another good one through and through.


New Year Bike Polo Throw In Tournament


Started off the new year by heading to Amsterdam and checking out, and, taking part in a bike polo tournament. Was a good learning experience. Like for one, my bike is really set for distance and not something like this (52x16, vs the more common 46x17, or even lighter on bikes that looked like they're specially just for polo.

-The event

-Setting up the court - The venue was an old warehouse on one of the islands in Amsterdam.

-Bike Polo in action

-Pile-o-sweet rides

-Helmets mandatory

More photos by other people on flickr.

Copenhagen trip # 2

Please excuse the 2 months lateness.

I'll post date this one to 11.12.09.

It's yet another bike related post. This 2nd trip back to Copenhagen was with my boss for the Awards Ceremony for the Copenhagen Bike Share Design Competition. Didn't win, but all teams that submitted an entry were invited, so, needless to say, we were curious.
Was also a great/interesting time to go, given the COP15 conference that was going on. Lots to see and do, in a span of 1.5 days.

-Hovedbanegården (Central Station) - Yep, that's a GMG Yepp (that we, myself included, designed) that's parked at the station, coincident, random, whichever, was fun and interesting to see it "in the wild".

-Copenhagen Christmas tree at Rådhuspladsen

-Powered by people - During certain times of the day, you could hop on one of the bikes circled around the tree, and be responsible for powering a specific strand of LED lights in the tree.

-Rådhuspladsen - Siemens globe and main sponsor of the Hopenhagen Live events and pavilion.

-Hopenhagen pavilion structures - glowing green, shipping container size boxes.

-Electric cars on display - Tesla Roadster and TH!NK City respectively

-Tesla Roadster - The roadsters weren't just on display, but they also had drivers doing 5 or so minute runs with passengers who wanted to see what it was like. My boss and I got the chance a bit later, when it was rainy, and no-one was waiting in line to try them out. Very fast, very fun, but not the easiest to get in and out of. Performance of 0-100km in 3.9 seconds is not too shabby, and you definitely feel it.

-Bikes on display - a general theme in Copenhagen, and here in one of the pavillions on display some Biomega's along with some other nice Danish bikes.

-Sweet Danish done singlespeeds/fixies

-Brake cable lever - just really nicely done and minimalist brake lever on this bike, great detail.

-Wooden grips - Another nice detail on these danish bikes. It's all in the details.

-The Copenhagen Wheel - a project done by MIT

-Copenhagen Wheel film - the film explained how it worked, essentially putting the wheel on your bike, turns your bike into an e-bike hybrid, with regenerative breaking, sensors to gauge when to kick in etc, and it gathers info to interact with smart-phones. Really interesting project, curious to see how this goes.

-WWF Polar Bear - The WWF had this ice statue on display for the COP15 conference, with a metal skeleton underneath. During the period we were there, it was pretty mild, so the bear had melted a considerable amount, and you could see the next day quite visibly the difference.

-CPH Bike Share Design Competition - The awards ceremony

-Open Bike - One of the 2 first place winners (my opinion the better of the 2 that tied for the first prize)

-Hopenhagen Pavilion at night - how they projected the earth on the giant globe was pretty cool

-Glowing green boxes - The Hopenhagen pavilion looked pretty cool at night.

-Bike Boutique - Seen in the upper windows of this store in the shopping district of Copenhagen are Biomega bikes hanging on display in the windows.

-Københavns Bymuseum (Copenhagen City Museum) - Copenhagen by Bike Exhibition

-Inside the Copenhagen by Bike exhibit - nicely set up exhibit in the small museum.

-Biomega Boston

-Vintage photo of bikes in Copenhagen

-Cargo Bike Races - This was an event back in the day in Copenhagen, which, they just started up again this year (2009) in Copenhagen.

-The Long John cargo bike - some background info.

-Copenhagen Cycle Chic - (normally pics of Cycle Chic in Copenhagen are associated with girls on bikes, but here you can see guys can look pretty damn stylin on bikes too).

-Exhibition overview - View from a side balcony/mezzanine.

-Classic Danish Design - a lamp on display at another part of the museum.

-Wonderful Copenhagen - gotta love the vintage tourism poster, great graphic design, and a kinda timeless image.

-Specialized Langster Las Vegas - Singlespeeds and Fixies are more prevalent in Copenhagen then in the Netherlands, although it is picking up, and this bike is a beautiful example.