Metric, live @ the Melkweg in Amsterdam

Caught Metric in Amsterdam last night; was an awesome show. It was my first time seeing Metric live, and was quite impressed by the stage performance, showmanship, and quality of sound they put out. No opening act meant I also managed to be back home in Utrecht after the show before midnight, which was pretty good considering working today. Bike rentals are super handy for this kinda thing, to jet from the train station, to a venue, and back.

Even Emily herself commented on loving the sight out of her tour bus as they pulled into town, of seeing everyone here riding along on bikes.

-Metric @ the Melkweg - was a nice venue, intimate enough atmosphere, not too large of a hall.

Next up, Patrick Watson on the 26th.


Super phat analog shit

(or at least that's how the event was dubbed at dB's studio in Utrecht)

Caught Great Lake Swimmers this past weekend here in Utrecht. Went to the show with 2 of my cousins who I got onto the band. I'm passing along all of my Canadian Indie taste to as many as I can, hehehe. The opening act was Audiotransparent, a Dutch band from Groningen. I was really really surprised by the sound of the Dutch band, they were really really good. The sound reminded me a bit of some other stuff I've heard mixed together, but can't quite put my finger on it (Jars of Clay maybe?). They also performed one or 2 songs together with Great Lake Swimmers, and the 2 bands complemented each other super well. Was a great show, in a cool little venue. Also good beer on tap, a Belgian called La Chouffe (which on the website seems to be showing a little drunken gnome in wooden shoes).

And while waiting before the show to start at the bar, the DJ was playing some cool tracks, and I liked one by Yo Le Tengo (which I'd never heard of before, but apparently have been around for a while - but indie).

(Also caught Holy Fuck! in Utrecht last week as well. Another good show by more Canadian talent. Am I having identity issues?)

Next on the Agenda, Metric playing in Amsterdam this Wednesday, and Patrick Watson on the 24th. Haven't bought tickets yet, but hopefully I'll get some in time.

-Audiotransparent - so, we didn't have the best spot to see the stage fully, because of the damn pillar thing to the left, but it was still good.

-Great Lake Swimmers - snuck around to the left of the stage to take this shot, gotta love the instrument range in this band.

-And my two cousins - I'm not sure if alcohol influenced this picture at all.