MA APD - Term 1, Part 1: Semantic Form Project

A brief recap of the first term of my masters at UID (Umeå Institute of Design).

The first term was pretty much divided in 3.  First we had 'The Water Tap' project.  

The challenge: to design a mixer tap fixture for the private bathroom which is both aesthetic and expressive in its form language.  Taking into account the context/environment, ergonomics, semantics, operation, function, and form, as well as thinking about the materials that would be used to produce it.  

This course was intended to be pretty analogue - meaning hand sketching, no computer 3D, and sculpting in grey clay.

-Water Tap final presentation - me in front of my poster, Thomas, the Program Director for APD (advanced product design) looking on pensively

-me explaining how it works

-me emulating using my water tap - this photo was used as the underlay for my main poster image

-båge - (bow in swedish), my final presentation poster

-Water Tap Pub - afterwards we celebrated by holding a pub up in the art studio at school, inviting all the other students at UID to come hang out and have a look at the projects over some beers