What's better then chocolate for Easter? Legoland!

For Easter holiday, I took the train for a long weekend down to Denmark. Had a quick 1 day stop in Copenhagen, and then on to Aarhus, where I met fellow MA APD classmate from UmeƄ, Carlos. We toured ARoS - Aarhus Museum of Modern Art.
That evening we took the train on to Vejle, to then catch the bus to Billund - home of Lego!
Next day we went to Legoland!

Giant, life like statue - very creepy, and cool

Blue Powder - the whole of this artwork looked like a 3m x 6m or so metal frame, surrounding cobalt blue pigment on the floor

Kid with an axe - for some reason, I really liked this one, the cartoon styling, the life-size scale, the story it could tell

Rainbow ring - glassed in walkway sitting atop the museum - provides a great view over Aarhus, as well as some colours feeling a bit hard on the eyes

Legoland - the gates to where every child must dream of at some point in time!

Lego Amsterdam - a great hommage, I'm home

Ice Pilots School - for me, the highlight of the Legoland park was this ride, where you cue up in pairs, get a card which you insert in a machine; you then get to select from a touch screen menu the combination of movements you want to experience on the ride (more extreme if you're tall enough to be considered adult); it then spits the card with your selection out, you walk over to the platform infront of the large robot arms (like the ones used on factory assembly lines), insert it, climb aboard, and away you go - I literally started laughing like a giddy school child as soon as it started to go

Shape-shifting facade - the facade to one of the new buildings for Lego in Billund, with operable metal mesh shutters, to control the daylight