My Ride # 4

My 4th bike since in the Netherlands (#1 - Sparta - met with an accident a while ago, and is in need of a new front fork and front wheel, #2 - Gazelle - I ditched at the last place I lived, as it ended up not being a good bike, and I didn't feel like doing anything with it, #3 - Koga - my candyapple red Singlespeed turned white fixie project bike, is currently under maintenance)

-#4 Montague Boston - my folding fixie (so far adjustments include knocking 12cm off my handlebar width, removing the rear brakes, switching the wheels from bike #3 to this one - I plan on getting new wheels for bike #3, and putting on the new orange Fyxation Session tires)

I've enjoyed these new wheels for a few months now, coming in super handy over here as it works great for covering distances, rides well, and cost nothing to take in the train (conventional bikes require a 6€ day pass for a bike, and can't come on the train until after morning rush hour).

Next up:
-fix the Sparta back up (and possibly sell it)
-(quite) possibly buy a Joep Bike after vacation to replace my city bike.

-#5 (too be) - Joep Bikes - I really really want to get the dark grey one with the brown tires


København (Copenhagen) Trip # 3

Hit up København in June (10.06.22 - 10.06.25) for VELO-CITY GLOBAL 2010. Had a great time, took in some really good presentations and round tables, met lots of people, learned a fair amount (I'd like to think), and hopefully made some connections for work.
Also met up with Joel (from my 1st year ID class) while there, who is a crazy networking guru, and had a crazy fun time.

The city was beautiful, the weather was beautiful, the people were beautiful. It was a great experience.

-electric cars charging - spotted on the street just outside the hotel I stayed at

-some really cool solar arrays set up over the street between buildings

-VELO-CITY conference main hall entrance

-Barcelona's Bicing rental bikes - for display only, not use (here)

-the Bicing bike - I think they look a little dumpy

-conference parking - where people taking part don't just talk the talk (largely rentals for people not from Copenhagen)

-Mikael of Copenhagenize and the original Cycle Chic's Bullitt - I believe it's the 2nd one he's had, the first being sold to someone else

-round table session on the future of bike sharing - present were the big players of bike share systems the world over (the guy in the red hat representing Bixi of Canada)

-iShop presentation - one of the projects from work showed up in a presentation at the conference on the benefits/statistics on cycling and shopping in the Netherlands (one interesting statistic, the Netherlands is one of the few, if not the only, country in the world where there are more women who cycle then men, as a result of bicycles being used for shopping)

-interest and enthusiasm by the public for the iShop - if you're rolling your eyes at the name, I claim no responsibility, not my doing

-bicycle parking at the conference - just such a beautiful sight

-bicycle parade - on the 3rd day of the conference, there was an organized bicycle parade through the streets of Copenhagen that took something of a critical mass like form, which is bizarre in Copenhagen, as people aren't really familiar with that movement, bicycles just have a strong presence in normal everyday life

-bicycle dj - the parade featured some great cargo bikes featuring full on sound systems, and people singing and playing instruments, and even, like this guy, dj-ing

-Copenhagen Bike Parade - by Clarence Eckerson Jr of Streetfilms

-Yepp! - spotted on the streets "in the wild"

-Yepp cycling away - if you look at the guy biking away around the middle of the picture (I was excited)

-Batavus BUB - 2 bikes were drawn for winners of the alleycat that was organized at the end of friday (this alleycat wasn't a race per-se, as the winners were drawn, and not based on placing)

-explenation of the grand prize - in Danish

-cycle chic - a common sight in Copenhagen, in the summer

-guy with his Cinelli - sweet ride

-bike polo action - also organized for people to check out at the end of friday

-Globe Roll - with a sweet and very nicely done custom flame paint job

-Globe Roll flame detail

-gold sprints - more fun events that were organized in the evening on friday (I tried and got schooled)

-complete with video screen - to show the public who's ahead in the race

-classic bike - of the motorized kind, but I like the look of the classic Bimmer regardless

-cycle chic at the cargo bike races - in the red on the right is the wife of one of the guys from Larry vs Harry (creators of the Bullitt), who apparently raced a Bullitt in matching red heels

-Bullitt composition - at least 4 Bullitt's in a row made for a nice shot

-cargo bike race action

-cargo race steeds at rest

-the winners of the main event at the cargo bike races

-Bullitt convention

-bicycle party - and that's how it's done! on a Bullitt

-the relay race practice run

-starting lineup for the relay race - 1st heat (Joel Mulligan, my friend from Carleton who also studied ID, in the classy attire)

-view from the train on the ride home - it was such a beautiful summery week, I didn't really want to leave quite yet

-pastoral Danish countryside


red dot Museum (2009 trip)

Not sure how I forgot to post this one, I suppose it was probably since this trip was taken so shortly before I came back to Canada for 'vacation' last year (09). Went to the red dot Museum in Essen Germany on 19.07.09, located on the UNESCO Zollverein World Cultural Heritage site. Made the trip namely because of the fact that the GMG Yepp child bike seat that we designed at work was awarded a 2009 red dot award, which I thought was pretty prestigious and a big enough deal to make the trip, see it in the museum, and just check it all out in general.

-glowing ped tunnel - at the train station in Essen

-Entrance to the Zollverein Coal Mine UNESCO site

-Fancy glass signage

-red dot Museum entrance

-Tupperware Design exhibit - Tupperware was awarded the design team of the year (past winners of this award include Braun, Philips, Audi, Sony, Apple...

-these bowls look familiar - I swear at least 3 of them still exist in cupboards back home

-collapsible bowls - have had one of these too

-nice colourful exhibit - fitting to Tupperware

-general info on red dot design awards 2009

-real nice looking Dell computer - love the wood

-Bosch oven with white glass facade

-super designery fireplace

-Dell mini projector - sooo small

-interesting task chair - sat comfortably

-awesome flash drives - I love the pure and simple design on these, as well as the graphic that actually tells you what the capacity of the drives is (I think)

-Vicon big square baler - yup, even farm equipment wins red dot awards (although I'm curious as to what the criteria is, and how much farm stuff gets sent in, and what kind of people judge it, and if their background is sufficient to truly judge them)

-the Dyson airblade - soo cool, works so well (working display model)

-nice outdoor firepit - i think it's supposed to be fire under the grill, and spare logs to the side

-smart syringe design

-some nice Grohe shower heads

-GMG Yepp Maxi - yup, there it is, in a kind of awkward spot, but it's in a corner with a BMW bike among other things, so I guess we did well

-the info on the GMG Yepp Maxi -I think it's the same text in the red dot design yearbook 2009

-nice and swoopy wood rocker - I think I took a picture of this one earlier (or maybe later) at the furniture fair in Kortrijk Belgium

-stainless sink - nice, shallow, minimalist, and looks medical even

Well, I guess that's the quick highlights. Really cool site, nice exhibit, if you win, it's worth the trip to see.