My 42hour 3 day work weekend

Week before friday past (the 15th), used up some overtime hours to take the day off. And clever me, I took the day off to work my part time gig ("catering" for special events). The venue was Lowlands (large open air concert), and I had to take the train there friday morning, leaving at 05:41. I worked 3 days of 0700-2000, and then got to take in some concerts after each day/on break.

Acts I caught while working the event:
-The Kooks
-Roisin Murphy
-Franz Ferdinand
-Sigur Rós

The highlight of the weekend for me was seeing Sigur Rós play.

-Jónsi (guitar/lead vocals) bowing his guitar

-5 piece brass ensemble - Apparently these guys have been touring with Sigur Rós for a bit, and this was one of (or) the last events that they're playing together for a while, them as well as the strings (which I think was Amiina).

-Cool snowy stage effect + lights

-One of the last numbers for the evening - If I had my laptop now, I'd be able to reference all the songs from my playlist, alas...

I tried to upload some video, but that was taking wayyyyy too long.


Perfect day to play hooky

It's that time of year, more then half the people at work are away on vacation, leaving something like 6-8 of us at work. Things aren't so busy at the moment, and since we've booked a decent amount of over time hours on a certain top secret project, which we get compensated for through extra time off, one of my colleagues suggested we take the afternoon and go windsurfing. The weather was perfect, at lunch we made the final decision that we would go.
In all, there were only 3 of us that went, but it was still a good time.
I haven't been windsurfing in... well... a while. So it took me a bit of a learning curve to get going, but considering we were only out for about 2 hours, and by the end, I was actually managing to surf, I was happy.

-Windsurfers at "Strand Horst" Ermelo - the view from the parking lot when we arrived

It was so awesome and picture perfect, there must have been like 50 kite surfers when we arrived, and between 70-90 windsurfers, and off in the distance you see the polder full of windmills churning away in the wind. Perfect.

It's great to be out doing things and keeping active. Last week I biked to work 4 times on the singlespeed, putting in around 280km. Tomorrow, biking again.