Something worth blogging about

Its been a while, but now I feel I have something worthy of posting up, well some things I guess.

I'm now at my un-official adress, (and yes I do mean unofficial, seriously), if anybody wants the new digits, let me know and I'll pass them along.

I moved in progressively, and have now got all my stuff in here, finally. I also painted, and am in the process of trying to put up curtain rails to have curtains so I'm not flashing the whole of Utrecht inadvertently.

-room at sunset - I sure do like the windows

I'm settling in. Tonight was my first time using the gas cook top, ooh, instant fire.

Past Friday was the official grand opening of our studios, post renovations, which took place pre me. So, as far as I'm concerned, well, it's just always kinda been the way it is. It was a pretty fun day. I worked in the first half of the day, then, in the afternoon it was prep for the party. Clean up all the top secret projects, hide them away, clear off our desks of all our sketches etc, and I also vacuumed the entire upstairs, which is pretty big.
People started coming around 4, and I didn't go home till about 930.
My aunt and uncle who I'd been living with the past 5 months or so came. There was really good catered food, and a pretty swinging little band, that had a pretty cool style. We ran demos of some of the products that have been made at the company.
All in all a good time had by all, and I think I tend to consume more alcohol at work then anywhere else as of late. Friday night, I still felt the beer after my 1.5hr train commute and 10 min bike ride home. Yergh.

The company did a promo magazine that looks pretty swank, in the occasion of the reno. Anybody care for a copy, let me know. (there's a blurb about me in there, in dutch, and I also make two other photo appearances, one being in the centerfold... but it's not that kinda magazine)