Happy Holidays

Was out enjoying the sun and good weather on 2nd Christmas day over here (that's pretty much a direct translation of what they call it).

Loving the snow.

-Out walking with Max


do of the month

So I currently like racing stripes.

-racing stripes - unfortunately I'm not talented enough to do this myself


Winter Wonder(low)land

Winter hit here this past week, full on. Temperatures with wind-chill reached something around -15 I think. Today, awesome giant snowflakes and a bit milder of a day. Snow makes me happy. One of the things I miss about Canada. So it feels a bit like home right now.

-Gotta love how people here still don't even think twice about hopping on their bikes to get somewhere in this weather.

-Getting that Christmas-y feeling with all this white stuff :)

-Enjoying my penthouse view of the weather. It's really coming down. Awesome!


IAA 2010

A bit of a flashback to the 2010 IAA Commercial Vehicles show, (as apparently I forgot to post on time, but is now posted accordingly on the timeline), where VDL launched the new buses we did at van der Veer Designers.  We made a short 2 day road-trip of it to Hannover to attend and see the fruits of our labour at the International Premier.

-VDL Futura - the main event (Coach of the Year 2012)

-VDL Futura - front (logo) close up

-VDL Futura - rear

-VDL Futura - rear (logo) close up

-VDL Citea - Bus of the year 2011

-VDL Synergy

-Mercedes-Benz Travego - rear fender detail

-Mercedes-Benz Travego - front side window detail

-Mercedes-Benz Vario - 4x4, ultimate pick-up truck (rear)

-Mercedes-Benz Vario - 4x4, ultimate pick-up truck (front)

-Iveco Glider - very white concept truck

-Iveco Glider - flank detail

-Iveco Glider - cabin flank detail

-Iveco Glider - front

-Iveco Glider - rear detail (interesting tail lights)

-Iveco Glider - cabin rear detail

-Scania Touring Coach Concept - rear window detail

-Scania Touring Coach Concept - tail light detail

-Scania Touring Coach Concept - fender detail

-Scania Touring Coach Concept - front corner detail

-Scania Touring Coach Concept - front detail

-Scania Touring Coach Concept - headlight detail

-Scania Touring Coach Concept - front

-Volvo 9900 Coach - front corner detail

--Volvo 9900 Coach - logo/branding detail

-Volvo 9900 Coach - entry (note the wood look steps)

-Volvo 8900 - front

-Volvo 8900 - rear detail

-Volvo FMX - dump truck

-Volvo FMX - headlight detail

-Volvo FMX with Volvo pay-loader - nice way to set the scene

-Iglhaut Allrad - tuning company that makes sweet off-road style conversions, like on this Mercedes Sprinter passenger van

-MAN Concept S - very impressive transport concept

-MAN Concept S - lower front corner detail

-MAN Concept S - upper flank

-MAN Concept S - lower flank detail

-MAN Concept S - rear flank detail

-MAN Concept S - rear cab detail

-MAN Concept S - rear

-MAN Concept S - tail light detail

-MAN Concept S - headlight detail

-MAN Concept S - head on

-MAN Concept S - full height, front 3/4 view

-VW Volksbus -a tad bigger then a Golf, maybe one of the biggest VW people movers out there? (I think it's for the South American market)

-VW Volksbus - front

-VW Volksbus - tail light detail

-VW Volksbus - rear

-VW Volksbus - entry

-VW Constellation - possibly the biggest, meanest looking VW there is

-VW Amarok 2 door concept - very unfortunate this isn't available for the North American (namely Canadian) market

-VW Amarok 2 door concept - side flank

-VW Amarok 2 door concept - fuel economy figures (guessing it's a lot less then North American trucks)