Concert at 013 - Tilburg

Ok, so a bit behind on things again.
Went to a concert on the 27th of January at 013 in Tilburg.
On the bill was Neon Trees and Angels & Airwaves, as well as another band that was the first act which I forget as we didn't arrive on time to catch them.
I went with my cousin Hadewijch, who happened to have the evening free and an interest in seeing the show (last minute organized).  Went mainly to check out Neon Trees.

Neon Trees put on a really good (albeit relatively short) show.  They were scheduled to do about a half hour set, but I think about 15 minutes in, the kinda spastic (but really good) singer fell of the stage, after a brief pause -surprise - and silence, made it back on stage, and about 5 minutes later they finished.

-Neon Trees singer making a final picture at the end of their set "Bleed for what you love" being the caption he put on Twitter

-Angels & Airwaves - The Adventure (caution, lots of seizure inducing flashing lights)

Angels & Airwaves also put on a pretty good show, with their characteristic sound.  Didn't quite have the same energy as Neon Trees, and I'd say there was some sort of arrogance or something in their attitude or stage presence.