I think I'm becoming psychic or something...

So I went into complete withdrawal from lack of internet for more then a week and half, (it was restored finally last night). I think this means a slightly reduced amount of productivity for me at work, which I've gotta handle better, but anyways...
Yesterday, listening to Ratatat while working, I decided, "hey, I wanna look them up on the internet for whatever reason", only to find on their myspace that they were playing Tivoli in Utrecht (where I live) that very night.

It's like I knew.
(I'll be sure to use these newly aquired superpowers for good).

So last night, after having rejoiced at my newly re-aqcuired internet, I hopped on my bike at 10ish, for a damp, roughly 5 minute bikeride to Tivoli. Bought my ticket, and enjoyed the show, all the while managing to be home before midnight.

Good show all in all. I never really thought about how most of what they play is some crazy talented, and artistic guitar work.