MA APD - Term 2, Part 1: Sound Design

Part 1 of the second term, was the 'sound design' project.

The sound design project consisted of some mini - 1-2 day projects, followed by one longer project.  All the work was done in groups, and was a fun and interesting introduction into sound design.

For me, one of the highlights was when we were given a video clip of the BMW Gina (fabric covered car), and tasked with coming up with the sound design for the clip.  We did this in a 3 person group, and here were our results:


Made It Count! (Better make it count - part 2)

Through a little self reflecting, flash back to about a year ago, and my big thoughts and hopes for the final year of my 20's; I think it was a good one, and I'd like to think that I did make count!

Movember hi-light - One of my favourite, and most commented on Movember documentation pics, Movember 22nd (looks somewhat remeniscent of that post from one year ago)

Winter - Fixed

After having taken a few too many falls with my bike (see My ride #4) with what are essentially urban summer slicks, my pride took enough damage (as well as one pedal), I thought before I actually break something more important, to get some winter tyres.  Originally I tried them on my Boston, but they didn't fit.  Then I gave them a go on my Koga, and they fit (minus the fenders).

-Winter studs - my new winter tyres giving me newfound confidence

-Winter fixed - my ride, now allowing me to ride around without the fear of taking another spill