† Jules

Jules was sick, and had to be put down. This was very difficult for everyone in my family, as it seemed to come all of a sudden. We were deeply saddened by this. I'm sure it's largely in his absence you notice how much such a sweet dog as him has an affect on your life. Even with me living across the Atlantic when it happened, I had a hard time with it.
We'll miss you Jules.

Sometimes a beautiful sad song is a great thing for something like this. This is one of my favourites.


Moved.... again. This time: Oslo

Moved to Oslo on the 8th, and started my next and final internship on the 12th of August at Designit Oslo. This will be my last and final internship before returning to UmeƄ in January to do my thesis project and complete my Masters degree, before returning to the real world, finding myself a real job somewhere, and hopefully no longer moving around but rather settling down in one spot for a while.
Oslo is beautiful and I was glad to be able to catch the tale end of summer upon arriving here.

For anyone needing my new digits:
William van Beek
Enerhauggata 7
0651 Oslo

Evening in the 'hood - catching some perfect evening light to play with the new camera, and explore the city a bit

Park view - this park is actually right next to the apartment building I'm living in, and I look down on the park

Shadows and light - it really was the perfect lighting to take pictures

Catching a moment - just playing with the camera

Opera house at sunset

Opera house inside, city reflection outside

Oslo Central Station

Illuminated bicycle stands - half art, half public furniture, has a nice effect with stainless steel bicycle sculptures as bicycle stands, complete with red LED tail lights...

And white LED headlights


Summer 'vacation', between internships

Finished my internship with Atlas Copco mid/late June and headed to Canada for some 'vacation' between internships. July was a long, warm, busy, and stressful month at home. Love my family and glad I had the chance to visit, as well as hopefully help carry the load to make things less stressful and a bit easier on everyone on the farm. The big stress causing thing was of course the new barn construction, with all of it's issues and hick-ups to say the least. I'll be very happy for them once they are finally milking in the new barn.

One of the first days of pre-fab installation on site.

Beautiful structure, that pre-fab stuff.

It will be one very big barn, when it's done.

A multi-cultural herd - combo of Holsteins and Brown Swiss, both of which are super cute as calves

Muskoka holiday - the end of my time in Canada was spent at Lindsey's cottage up in Muskoka, and after all the stress built up through July, this was a much needed, and very great little vacation!

Who doesn't like ducks?


Pseudo wedding table setting

Pseudo wedding cupcakes

Grace and Dan - happily married, at the pseudo wedding party we had in Muskoka

Light writing - if my photography skills would have been better with my new camera, I may have been able to better capture them making a heart with the sparklers