MA APD - Term 3, Part 2: Home Fire Safety Project

Falling a little bit behind again with posting, as with getting other things done.
I still have to outstanding (not in that positive kinda way) project reports to complete before my return to Umeå, as well as figuring out my thesis project before then as well.

But still, figured even though it doesn't feel as complete as I'd like, maybe posting this here will be some motivation to work on it to further complete my stuff and get it done.

The Autumn Term 2012 project was for 'Home Fire Safety'. My results more or less presented here in video. Still a work-in-progress.
I've made the video password protected since it does not really feel complete to me.
 If you'd like to watch it, just ask me for the password.

Concept for a line of home safety equipment with a focus on fire safety. Through a strong product identity, simple and domestic design, the products maintain a dignity that encourages people to not just have these items in their home to be safe, but be proud to own and display them.

Term Project #3: Home Fire Safety Presentation, 2012.12.13
MA Advanced Product Design
Umeå Institute of Design

SAFETY+ my final concept design as presented at the conclusion of the project