Can con

Bought a(nother) album this week (legal download, for real!), and it's another Canadian (as it seems they are the only ones I actually buy). Listening to podcasts from CBC's R3, as well as Q, I think I keep myself fairly well up on the scene going on in Canada (otherwise somebody let me know what I'm not up on).

-The Album I bought - Dan Mangan - Nice, Nice, Very Nice

A really great album through and through. I like all the tracks, of course there are some notable ones that have got some play time on R3, namely Sold, and Robots (I think at least). Other tracks I like: Basket, Fair Verona, Road Regrets, Robots, Sold, The Indie Queens are waiting, and especially because of the strings, I really like You Silly Git.

He did an interview, and played some music on Q on Thursday October 22nd 2009 (just last week, I think I had already bought the album before this, just)

Beyond this, as for me and my obsession with Canadian indie music, I bought 2 tickets to catch Patrick Watson at Paradiso in Amsterdam on the 30th of November. Hopefully I'll find somebody to go with by then.


Long weekend to København

So last weekend, I took the night train to København (Copenhagen) and back (the 16th-19th). Partially for me, to see the city, get away, and explore Europe, and partially because I've gotten us onto a project at work to take on the Copenhagen Bike Share Competition.

-Train to Moskwa - So, part of my train went to Moscow, thankfully, my part went on to Denmark, my intended destination

-The clear clean waters and picturesque city of København

-Danes on bikes - catching bike culture with the city, doing double duty for vacation and project research

-Some fancy courtyard - I didn't pay attention the entire time to where I was

-Waterfront panorama - this is the view of the main waterfront, on the main river, in front of the library

-København Library - one of the architectural highlights (of modern architecture) in the city

-Library atrium - so Danish, all clean lines, natural materials, and either black or white

-Main entrance to the library - (I think)

-Library atrium looking out - really frames the view across the river

-Old meets new - This is where the old part of the library attaches to the new

-Super big round ring light

-Waterfront buildings - so many nice old water/harborfront buildings

-Side street - the archway at the end of the street looked cool, a bit communist looking even

-Postcard perfect - this is one of the main streets that ends up on the postcards for the city

-København Opera House - the other main modern architectural highlight of the city

-Skuespiller Huset - (theatre), also a highlight of modern architecture in the city

-More waterfront buildings - this one looks like its converted into apartments

-Bike parking - at the Theatre

-Opera House from across the water at Ameliehavn - an impressive, and almost intimidating view of the building

-More old waterfront buildings

-Big statue/fountain - info/details unkown

-The Little Mermaid - probably the most iconic/famous part of København, but also the least interesting, and anti-climactic

-Churchillparken - an old fort in the city

-Medieval looking buildings in the city

-Fast Cargo - The Larry vs Harry flagship store for the Bullitt (Worlds Fastest cargo bike), sadly, closed while I was there, which sucked because I'm a real big fan of these bikes

-Empty Bycyklen rack - (Bycyklen being the bike share bikes they want a new version of)

-Bycyklen - iconic and fairly robust, but not quite attractive bike share bikes

-Opera House panorama

-Sunset at the Opera House - I really like the outdoor lighting here, very clean

-Amielienborgplads from across the river - contrast of new and old architecture here

-Inside the Danish Design Centre - classic Braun on display on the permenant collection, in the basement, next to the installation for the Braun Prize

-Interesting exhibit at the Danish Design Centre - not sure if I fully absorbed it, but the swings were fun, as was the carwash like paper things in the background there

-Central space of the Design Centre - featuring some typical Danish designs

-City "lake" - there's a kind of series of these "lakes" that seperate 2 neighborhoods as a form of parks

-Fixie scene - fixie fever has gotten the Danes too, was surprised with the number of fixies and singlespeeds I spotted in the city (was similarily surprised by this same phenomenon in Toronto last time I was home), this bike I spotted on more then one occasion

-Islands Brygge Havnebadet - on the other side of the river/harbour, is the swimming pool, which is actually just an sectioned off area of the river where people swim when the weather is nice (the water in the city is that clean)

-Monday morning commute - some more research, it was interesting to observe the differences in bike culture here versus the Netherlands and other places

-Bycklen at Hovedbanegården (central station) - lots of bikes and bike racks, of course the cheap bike share bikes were seldom to be found (this lone one at the station I took for a brief test ride)

If anyone has any great ideas or suggestions for the competition, I'm open to hear it.