Where would you rather live?

Following a link that George Stroumboulopoulos posted on Twitter took me to an interesting site today:


Basically, you can compare various countries with each other, and give you some possible insights into where you might rather live, if given the opportunity.

-All in all, this reads as being in the Netherlands instead of Canada generally being better. Or to see it from the other side:

-(that's a lot that looks negative)

Interesting then to look at some other countries that definitely would pique my interest as places to live:

-Score Denmark 1, Canada 0

-this one scores pretty even

-Sweden 1, Canada 0

-hmmm this one looks more in Swedens favour, but the chances of unemployment, compounded with making less, makes it less clear

-asides from using a lot of electricity, I think Norway looks pretty good

-Norway seems to have the same + and - points over the Netherlands as well - generally looks attractive I'd say (I'll see what my own opinion is when I visit Oslo next month)

And just for comparisons sake, and maybe some people will think as far as Canada goes, should be doing a more apples to apples comparison:

-I'd say that looks like Canada wins out (surprised to see the electricity and oil consumption, maybe it's our distances and winters?)

-If anything, at least I can say without much doubt, I'm glad I don't live in the United States (not that I have anything against them)