My Ride #5 - Custom Branding

Things are still progressing, albeit slowly on the bike.
Did however receive the new head-badge I sent away for prototyping (using a voucher coupon that covered the cost), by Shapeways.   It's the Gazelle logo, but not the way it's presented on the head-badges on their bikes.  So this way, it's kinda my own custom version of the design, to go with what will be my custom Gazelle bike.

-The head-badge out of the packaging - has a nice patina to it, but I'm gonna polish it up to see how sharp I can make it look.

-Head-badge on the head-tube - Just to get an idea of proportion, and what it should look like when done.


Life without a computer

My laptop, (not) arguably past its prime - almost 6 - died on me about 2 weeks ago.  The computer shop guys said the motherboard was done.  Not worth getting a new one on a laptop that old.  With a little over a month left to go in the Netherlands, and electronics prices considerably cheaper in Canada, I think I'm going to hold out with just work computer and the iPhone until Canada.

-LaCie Rikiki 1TB - all that remains of what was once my computer, in a 75 x 109.7 x 13.4 mm Aluminium box.