COP next week

So, travelling to Copenhagen next week with the boss to attend the awards ceremony on the 10th, for the Copenhagen Bike Share competition. Hopefully we win, or win an award, or get some sort of recognition. If not, well, it should be interesting none the less to see the other submissions, take in some Danish beer, as well as some good food.

On the topic of Copenhagen, given the climate conference going on, I just saw this video, and thought I'd share.


Quite possibly the best, most fun, live song, evah!

Ok, just thought I would toss this one up as well. The video isn't from the show I was at, but this live performance gives a really good idea of how it is live. (really really great)

Patrick Watson - Where the Wild Things Are


Quite possibly the most best show evah!

Monday night I caught Patrick Watson and the Wooden Arms at Paradiso in Amsterdam, with opening act Thus Owls (from Sweden).

The show was amazing! I'm already a big Patrick Watson fan to begin with, but this was also my first time catching a live performance by him. He really has a great stage presence - is funny/comical, relaxed, and ad libs pretty good too.

The sound was also really really good. Hmm, adjectives to describe the sound (in my mind at least): haunting (but not in a scary way), nostalgic (in a by gone era kinda way), dreamy, experimental, orchestral, playful. Yeah, it's a unique sound, and a bunch of different songs have their own character too.

I found a few Youtube vids from the show. I didn't record anything myself, but just enjoyed the show. (just a note, these vids were quite likely recorded with Iphones, so the sound quality isn't that great, but not too bad either)

Patrick Watson - Tracy's Waters

Patrick Watson - Big Bird in a Small Cage

You can take the boy outta the country....

But you can't take the country outta the boy.

Hit up Agritechnica, Europe's biggest agricultural machinery trades show in Hanover around the middle of last month. I planned it so well that I went on the weekend before the submission deadline for the Copenhagen Bike Share project I was working on (ended up working on Sunday, Monday all night, and Tuesday morning, to courier it away to arrive on Wednesday morning).

Either way, still had fun. Niels had planned/hoped to go too, but appendicitis at the last minute and lack of a valid landed immigrant card can hold things up a bit :(

I went looking at things from 2 different view points I guess; industrial designer (with some of the projects at work, has caused me to pay more attention to surfaces, details, etc, as well as the use of standard components - namely lights), and the farmboy.

-Giant truck mounted wood chipper

-Logging Equipment

-Viking Lawnmowers - I think it's the white steel tubes that caught my attention, and how they follow through over the mower deck.

-Feed mixer from space - Or just Italy

-Krone (German) Bix X - a ginormous harvester

-Krone Big M - a ginormous mower

-Lely (Dutch) round baler - older design style

-Lely round baler - newer design style

-Lely round baler - newest design style

-Claas (German) Xerion - another huge tractor (might not look as big because I'm holding the camera straight above my head - those tires are at least 2m tall!)

-Claas Xerion - hood detail (the Xerion even more for me for the fact one of my bosses worked on the design of the first generation of these tractors, while he was doing more contract design jobs)

-Claas Axion

-Claas Axion - hood detail

-Claas Scorpion - when I saw this, I was just thinking lofts, sweeps and facets, I think I've been working with Solidworks too much

-Claas Elios - cool headlamps on this one

-Claas Xerion - with mowers

-Claas Xerion - with tillage equipment

Valtra (Finnish) T Series

-Valtra S Series

-Valtra S Series - hood detail

-Valtra N92 - I like what kinda comes across as true Scandinavian design with these tractors - here the simple V logo works real nice

-Valtra N92 - hood detail

-Fendt (German) Vario 823

-Fendt Vario - rear fender detail - crazy plastic details going on here

-Lamborghini (Italy) - yes, Lamborghini tractors

-Deutz Fahr (German) Agrotron - their most ginormous model

-Deutz Fahr Agrotron - hood detail - might notice it's pretty similar to the Lamborghini, the 2 brands exist within one parent company

-Deutz Fahr Agrofarm

-Deutz Fahr Agroplus F - hood detail

-Deutz Fahr Agrofarm - hood detail - I really like how the name is subtly embossed in the steel mesh

-New Holland (American) concept Hydrogen tractor

-New Holland concept - hood detail

-New Holland concept - it's got like an alien insect look to it

-New Holland concept - hood side detail

-Grimme (German) potato harvestor