Brakes are for _______

(you fill in the blank)

After much much waiting, I've finally finished with my bike project. I completely dismantled what was already a singlespeed. Grinded off the needless bits on the frame, and sent it away for a sandblasing, priming, and powdercoat. Also got a new wheelset. All in all I'm happy with the result. Although I think the powdercoat added a noticable amount of weight to the bike.

I'll probably still upgrade some components along the way, but the major job is done.

And yesterday, I rode home from work, the full roughly 35km, without brakes! That takes some getting used to.
(buying a helmet is on my to do list, especially after my cycle/car collision in January where I lucked out by having my rear wheel lock up and fish tailing so I didn't hit T-bone the car completely, but body checked it instead).

-Frame in the before/during stage (for good measure) - you can see where I grinded away the cable routing on the top tube

-chrome fork - this was apparently a big point of contention as to weather or not you can powdercoat chromed parts

-my new(ish) fixie - I like the fenders on this, needed with a white bike, and these fenders are fairly subtle

-Crazy Canadian - this is the sticker one of my bosses at work made up on the sticker machine, it works.