Happy Holidays

Was out enjoying the sun and good weather on 2nd Christmas day over here (that's pretty much a direct translation of what they call it).

Loving the snow.

-Out walking with Max


do of the month

So I currently like racing stripes.

-racing stripes - unfortunately I'm not talented enough to do this myself


Winter Wonder(low)land

Winter hit here this past week, full on. Temperatures with wind-chill reached something around -15 I think. Today, awesome giant snowflakes and a bit milder of a day. Snow makes me happy. One of the things I miss about Canada. So it feels a bit like home right now.

-Gotta love how people here still don't even think twice about hopping on their bikes to get somewhere in this weather.

-Getting that Christmas-y feeling with all this white stuff :)

-Enjoying my penthouse view of the weather. It's really coming down. Awesome!