Thesis Research Trip to Brazil Part 2: The Research Part

For the actual research part, I flew from Rio to Sao Paulo, where I met up with a team from WWF USA/Brasil, to join them on a field trip through the state of Sao Paulo, visiting sugarcane plantations, co-ops, mills, etc. It was a great experience, as well as being educational, it was also just great to get out in the Brazilian countryside.

Brazilian countryside - Lots of great weather and beautiful pastoral rolling landscapes

Sugarcane as far as the eye can see

Peanut harvesting (ish?) - tractor turning the peanuts out from the ground. Peanuts are used as a rotational cover crop with sugarcane. Funny enough, they only grow them for one season and not longer, because the market for peanuts, well, earns them 'peanuts' (not much).

Deep soil management - some new and experimental-ish stuff

Freshly planted (uncovered) sugarcane

Sugarcane mill - we were there in the off-season, when the mill wasn't running, so less interesting

Unbelievable vistas

Fresh peanuts

WWF USA team - investigating and asking about sugarcane

Young sugarcane crops

Experimental sugarcane transplanter

Antennae tower for precision agriculture - planting the rows along the topography of the fields

Sugarcane Planter

Sugarcane harvester - modified for harvesting billets (short stocks of sugarcane used for planting)

Explaining roughly which part is used for billets

Sugarcane seedlings - in the nursery, ready to go for trial planting

Plantation living

Cachaça - the whole cellar, that's all it was

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