Headed down to Schwäbisch Gmünd (near Stuttgart) back in May (23.05.10) to take in the European Handmade Bike Show. Following the bike blogs, I had noticed that the North American Handmade Bike Show has been growing, and gaining notice, especially with the influx in popularity of frame building/bike building in North America. The trend is starting up this side of the pond too, and this show was the 2nd annual show.

-classic Cinelli bicycle helmet - from back in the day

-Carbon Fibre bike frame, seatpost, and saddle - all in one

-weighing just 748grams!

-the finish that seems to be the current trend - kinda steampunk-ish, or maybe beater bike to deter thieves, or maybe just nostalgic

-Julie Racing Design - Nice bike frame with integrated rear light

-svevo city bike - interesting handbuilt city bike concept from a fixie/bmx builder

-rafael spyder - a sweet track bike from a builder that makes some really sweet bikes

-top edge blend - love how the top tube blends right into the headset, very extreme

-rafael heidelberg - my favorite bike of the show! this bike is sublime, full carbon, with a Gates Carbon belt drive, super narrow flat bar handlebar, and the green/grey carbon contrast, just beautiful! I think once I have an expendable budget, I'll order one.

-frame builder demo

-some nice lugs on display where the builder was demo-ing

-a very nice paint job!

-super nice detailing - I also love the logo and the graphics

-98 euro for a straight bar like that?! - but of course, those are some tight handlebars

-Fixie Inc Peacemaker - Fixie Inc is one of the coolest custom builders I've seen, love their stuff, especially there belt drive bikes

-Cycles for Heroes - just awesome, nice graphics/branding too

-the Peacemaker

-this one was a special, forget the name - another belt drive though

-nice faux rust finish!

-Fixie Inc stand setup - they had a kinda classic English style ghettup going, with olde style rugs, furniture, black and white photo albums, and some photo's and stuff from this years Tweed Ride in London

-like a Trek District? - but not, nice custom bike, I've got the same tires on my Boston

-nice detailing and colour combo

-I think it's a Rohloff hub

-sweet handlebar and brake lever - by cykelmageren of Denmark, I really like this take on the brake lever

-sweet custom paint job - forget by who

-sweet stainless steel bike (I think) - featuring a Gates Carbon drive, and I was more a fan of the rack/fender supports I think in this pic

-embossed bike logo - I like this, very subtle and understated

-Interesting ride that uses the front fork again 2 times in the rear, but I think I was more interested in the brake handle

-another cool bike rack - negates the need for fender supports, which is nice to reduce the visual clutter on a bike

-integrated rear LED's - and I always love it when features/components are well integrated into a design, and that goes for here as well

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